October 10, 2008

About that Delay Calculator...

I learned a lot about the horrors of javascript when combined with blogging... Oh the horror! If you received any extraneous e-mails, updates, etc... oops, sorry :(

As it turns out, you can really only use the Delay Calculator in the blog post itself, or on the Delay Calculator's hosted location (don't worry about what that means... I kind of just now made up that term).

Other interesting discoveries:
  1. You can't use the spacebar for tap tempo on the blog post because it makes the page scroll down.
  2. Internet Exporer still sucks (get firefox!)
Well the second one isn't really a discovery so I guess that only leaves one.

I know what you're thinking...
What the heck Jim... why didn't you test this thing better before wasting my time on it?
Well... I don't know, I'm obviously a huge hypocrite but... I said I was sorry :(

At least now I get to check off one of the items from my, 'Make your own tools' Post. Hooray!

© 2008 Jim Robert