August 13, 2008

Music for film?

So... I don't really know much about it but, from what I hear, getting your music used in film a fairly lucrative. The reason I'm sitting here writing about this is that cdbaby has added a way to make your music available to filmmakers. Has anyone had any experience working with filmmakers in this way?

If you don't know about cdbaby I highly recommend it, it's a nice easy way to get distribution online (iTunes, Rhapsody, and Amazon to name a few) with no crappy reoccurring fees.

I digress, as far as music for film goes. I think that the benefits from the increased exposure far outweighs the initial monetary benefit. For 3 reasons:
  1. You have someone else pouring money into promotion of the end product.
  2. The listeners are much less likely to get distracted and ignore your music.
  3. When someone buys the soundtrack, you get to be bundled in (see: more free exposure)
Then again... you do get paid every time the movie is sold. And money is good too :)

PS - does anyone know if there are musicians who specifically write songs on each album with film in mind?

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