August 5, 2008

Improved Wiki, imported Content

My posts will be a bit sporadic in the coming weeks... did I mention detroit is beautiful this time of year?

So here's the low down: I created a wiki, as a resource for whoever needs it.

To get the wiki started, Rane Corp has given me permission to merge in the existing information in their reference section, under the condition that they be cited as a reference wherever their info appears. Not bad at all.

If you look at Rane's pro-audio reference page, you'll notice there is a copious amount of information there. And by copious I mean A LOT.

So I wrote a quick script to convert all the HTML to WikiMedia formatting and got a lot of the work done, but there is still a lot of editing to be done. All the entries currently appear en masse in an all encompassing glossary page. So first of all, each 'word + definition pair' needs to be copy/pasted into it's own page. Not to mention all the places there are stray symbols due to mistakes in the html to wiki converstion.

I'm hoping to make this a resource for music and audio alike, but I need your help! Anyone may edit the wiki anonymously, but accounts are free and let you keep track of your contributions. Everything runs on the same software as the famous wikipedia, so if you help out over there, you should feel right at home.

If you'd like to contribute, the help will be appreciated very much, but more importantly...

Enjoy the wiki!

© 2008 Jim Robert