July 22, 2008

Crooked Mixing...

Today is game day!

Harris left a comment on my last post asking if I could post the project files to my song Crooked, so could practice his de-noise powers on it. I thought to myself, What a wonderful idea! So today is game day.

The name of the game is Crooked Mixing, because you'll have to apply some pretty crooked mixing techniques to tame that noise!

Rules of Crooked Mixing:
  1. You have to use the noisy track.

    The noisy guitar mic (the Nady CM88) must be within 6dB of the volume of the other guitar mic. The easy solution - the solution you should use in a real life production situation - is to just mute the CM88 and use a digital reverb instead. That's just no fun.

  2. You have to tell us how you did it.

    You must provide the strategy, and a short description of the general path you took to get to the finished copy.

  3. You have to use the raw tracks.

    I included my processed tracks as well as the raw tracks. No cheating people.

That's all folks! Here are the raw tracks...

All files, Processed and raw: rar , zip
Just the Raw Files: zip

You can also just look at the individual files

Here's how I did the vocal processing:

The guitar processing was just EQ and a little haas effect.

Good luck everyone!

© 2008 Jim Robert