March 23, 2008

Recording yourself on a budget

Today marks the beginning of my series on how to record an entire album yourself... for under $1000. But that's not all... it'll sound good too, as long as you're good, and your instruments are good, and the room you're in happens to sound good. Ok so it's not gonna be easy, but I really will let you in on lots of juicy studio secrets.

Here's what you'll need: the B-Rig...
  • Microphones:
    • 2 x Marshall MXL 990
    • 1 x Shure SM57
    • 1 x Nady cm-88
  • Microphone Accessories
    • 4 x Mic stands w/boom
    • 4 x XLR Microphone cables
    • 2 x Mic Preamps (Fast Track Pro has 2 preamps for a total of 4)
  • Listening Hardware
    • 1 x M-Audio StudioPro 3 Desktop Audio Monitors
    • 1 x Stereo RCA cable (for the StudioPro 3's)
    • 1 x AKG M 80 Studio Headphones
    • 1 x Headphone extension cable
  • Audio Interface
    • 1 x M-Audio Fast Track Pro
    • 1 x Steinberg Cubase
TOTAL: $977 (approx- I rounded each item up to the next dollar)

For the next few weeks I'm going to assume you have this set of hardware... I made a musician's friend wishlist of this stuff so you can verify the prices.

edit: One commenter mentioned using e-bay to get gear cheaper than musicians friend. It's true, you can get lots of this stuff cheaper on eBay. I'll admit it- I love ebay. The reason I don't reccomend ebay as the place to buy these items is there's no garuntee you'll be able to get them (or that you'll be able to get a given price). However you should try to snag better deals on eBay whenever possible. Just don't forget to check the seller ratings, I hate to see you guys get ripped off.

© 2008 Jim Robert