November 14, 2007

It's Diversity Day!

Corporations learned this early on: Always Diversify. In the era of multi-national conglomerates, can you really afford not to?

As a musician, I understand the allure of taking all kinds of (ultimately self-serving) solos, and creating long, 'artsy' songs, but really guys... there's more to life. The quest for greatness as an instrumentalist and performer is well and good, but save it for guitar hero, and other like mediums, it's time for pop to reclaim your soul! *melodrama*

You're far better off learning to play several instruments than acquiring ungodly skill at just one. Plus, it'll greatly enhance your persuit of postmodernism.

Instead of becoming a guitar hero...
  1. Learn about music itself, and the basic concepts apply to all music (so you can write better songs).
  2. Get to know your audience (so you can connect with them)
  3. Go to concerts (learn from the pros)
  4. Meet the other musicians in your local music scene, and get to know them (you'll get lots of ideas from talking to other musicians)
  5. Write songs (and don't forget to get feedback from your musician friends in step 4)
Note: Pop music is a shortened version of Popular music. You don't have to love the music of the masses, but people like it for a reason. Don't lose touch with the reason we make music, for people to enjoy.

If you want to make music just for yourself, that's fine. Just don't make us listen to it ;)

© 2008 Jim Robert