October 29, 2007

Your Name is Everywhere

Your name is everywhere you go, on everything you do. So don't steal, don't murder, and for god's sake, don't release bad recordings!

I understand the temptation to just get those quick and dirty demos out, you just want to have something, anything to show people. Don't do it. Really. Don't. Your name is on everything you do, and if you do something low quality, even if it's meant to just be quick and dirty, people listen to it and make judgments. Once you release something, it's near impossible to get it back out of circulation, and first impressions are very hard to change.

Here's an example: I'm a recording engineer and I occasionally agree to give bands a rough mix so they can listen to what's done so far, and thing of things they want to change. I know I should follow my own advice, but... well I have nothing to say for myself. Some band members who weren't privy to the fact that these mixes were (very) rough were very upset about the quality and insisted on recording the remainder of the project elsewhere.

Disclaimer: If I worked on a demo/CD/anything for you and you think this story is about you... don't worry I'm not upset about it, this is how you learn. hopefully I'm not getting myself in trouble.

The moral of the story is, don't release anything that isn't complete, and always spend the time/money necessary to produce a high quality product (whether it be a recording, stickers, t-shirts, album art, etc), or else you run the risk of being judged against the completed works of everyone else, instead of just the context which you intended.

Inspired by Mike's blog posting which, according to the blurb at the end was inspired by somebody else,
This all stemmed from Mr. Jay Briody’s away message: “Your name is on everything you do.” I was going to tell him I was having a problem similar to Ted’s in Panel 1 regarding a pseudonym, and then thought Jay may appreciate this retort as a comic rather than a random message.
If you've already learned your lesson, comment. If you think I'm wrong, comment. If you want some candy, comment. Happy halloween!

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