September 28, 2007

How to sell a million records

You may think that selling a million records is difficult, or requires a bunch of advertising, and promotion. It's much easier than that. Here's what you need to do (in order):
  1. Be (or become) Black
  2. Produce a Rap Album
  3. Challenge another rapper (must also be black) to a feud
Ok... it's not quite surefire, but it worked for Kanye (and 50 cent). Kanye told reporters that,

"They want the black guys to be up against each other, about to shoot each other. And that's not what they got. What they got is two black guys sellin' a lot of records."

Clearly the whole thing was set up in advance in order to sell records. This has been an open secret since the beginning of the 'feud', but it still worked.

Not a rapper? Don't be discouraged! It worked for Brand New and Taking Back Sunday as well.

So let's all learn our lesson, and pick a select group of other musicians (or bands) to team up with in order to generate publicity for all of us. Work for the greater good!

By the way, for some humorous commentary on Pop culture (including Kanye/50 Cent) check out TV Without Pictures!

© 2008 Jim Robert